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ED's and Low TSH

I'm in residential treatment for my ED, and I found out today that my lab results showed I have low thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). I did some googling, trying to find out if it's related to my ED, and I found several papers about the effects of ED's on thyroid function--but they're all in databases you have to have a subscription to. Can anyone link me to some free, accessible information and/or explain to me what the link is?
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laxatives & lower back pain

I've been having some consistent and worsening lower back pain (right at the base of my spine, where it meets the tailbone) since yesterday early-afternoon--just over 24 hours, but that's still a long time for it to hurt nonstop. I'm having difficulties with exercise abuse (specifically, the elliptical, and the way I hold myself could be causing the pain, but I'm not sure), and also laxative abuse. I'm wondering if either, or both, could be causing/contributing to the pain.

Also, I'm currently trying to taper myself off of the laxatives, which I've become dependent upon the past in the past four weeks. Could that help make the lower back pain go away, if it's caused by the laxatives?


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Weird Question

I'm an undiagnosed bulimic and this may sound weird but...can throwing up cause a rash around your mouth? Sorry if this is too graphic but I threw up and the next day I got this strange rash on the top of my mouth that looked like a faint moustache or something.

...I'm not sure if it's because of me throwing up my food or because as my mum says I'm iron deficient or something. I'm really confused and terrified to go to a doctor to look at it because I'm worried they will find out about my purging. 

Has anyone else had this? Have any idea? Thanks so much <3

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Electrolyte crisis

(Cross-posted to Purgatorium).  Okay, so I was hospitalized for three days over this past weekend because of electrolyte issues (mainly because of super-low Phosphorus, and potassium that was too high because of overcorrection by supplements - and evidently NOT purging made this worse...)  Anyway, I got completely stabilized in the hospital and was released Sunday, but the next day my doctor ordered labs and though my potassium was on the high end of normal, my phosphorus was already low again!  I had purged a few times, and told the doctor this, but she said the phosphorus issue was "refeeding syndrome" which I find fairly ridiculous because in the day after the hospital, I was not keeping in any more than usual.  She said I might have to go back to the hospital if my labs tomorrow don't improve.  It was hell in there with the IV, cardiac monitor and blood draws every 4 hours.  I can't do that again!  Help!  I know of no way to supplement Phosphorus on my own (potassium is easy to self-supplement, i.e., low-sodium V8, etc.)  Has anyone had phosphorus problems, or understand electrolyte metabolism enough to advise me??  I am at a loss and really alarmed at this point.  In my 20 years of being bulimic, I have not had this degree of medical instability, and my weight right now is nowhere near my lowest.  What the hell is going on here?? HELP!


Hello all.

I've been a member for a while, but it's my first post here.

Okay, so I'm recovered from Anorexia Nervosa type II  (binge and purge). I had lost my period for about 6 or 7 months, and I got it back in January. It was very irregular (and too frequent), but I figured that it was because it was just comming back and that my body would adjust. However, we're almost in September and I still get my period every two weeks. 

Do you guys think that I could have "saturated" my organism permanently?

Thanks for your help.

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this is an odd question..

iam 18 and ive been anorexic/bulimic for about 2 years now and I havent had my period for over a year..that being said, i havent had sex in over a year..i am 5'4 and 85 lbs. The last time i got my period i weighed 103 lbs and was 5'4 also. I have gained the weight once before, just to relapse and lose it all again. Now i am 85 lbs and feeling unnatractive because i dont get my period, dont have boobs and whatever else. I met this guy i really like and want to be involved with him, but at the weight i am now i feel like i cant really be taken seriously as an object of sexuality because I dont have my period..iam afraid to become involved because of this..I want to gain the weight back, just to have sex with this this crazy?? Has anyone been through anything similar??
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