Reckless Kelly (shiningstar55) wrote in ed_medfacts,
Reckless Kelly

This could be a very odd question, but here goes anyway:
Last night I experienced an "aura"- or if you want to be specific, a scintillating scotoma.  It was this weird, vibrating jagged ring of color in my visual field that wouldn't go away when I rubbed my eyes or stopped using the computer.  Some Google-ing told me this was what it was, and that it normally accompanies either a migraine or a seizure.  I've never had either for any reason.  It's been 18 hours and I still haven't had either.  It went away on its own after about an hour, during which I couldn't see very well because of the damn thing.
What I'm wondering is, is this somehow related to anorexia?  I've had a relapse recently and currently have a very low BMI. 
If anyone could lend some insight in either direction, I'd appreciate it!
Thanks guys:)  I wish there wasn't a need for any community like this, but I do appreciate you all. 

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