Enid Derwen (Magna) (vanishingemily) wrote in ed_medfacts,
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laxatives & lower back pain

I've been having some consistent and worsening lower back pain (right at the base of my spine, where it meets the tailbone) since yesterday early-afternoon--just over 24 hours, but that's still a long time for it to hurt nonstop. I'm having difficulties with exercise abuse (specifically, the elliptical, and the way I hold myself could be causing the pain, but I'm not sure), and also laxative abuse. I'm wondering if either, or both, could be causing/contributing to the pain.

Also, I'm currently trying to taper myself off of the laxatives, which I've become dependent upon the past in the past four weeks. Could that help make the lower back pain go away, if it's caused by the laxatives?


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i used to be addicted to laxatives, and yes, that definitely could be the cause. but you're right, the elliptical could very well be contributing.

it's going to take your body a while to get back to normal even after you cut out the laxatives, but eventually, yes, the symptoms all kind of fade away.