Carvi (carviangli) wrote in ed_medfacts,

Weird Question

I'm an undiagnosed bulimic and this may sound weird but...can throwing up cause a rash around your mouth? Sorry if this is too graphic but I threw up and the next day I got this strange rash on the top of my mouth that looked like a faint moustache or something.

...I'm not sure if it's because of me throwing up my food or because as my mum says I'm iron deficient or something. I'm really confused and terrified to go to a doctor to look at it because I'm worried they will find out about my purging. 

Has anyone else had this? Have any idea? Thanks so much <3

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I think that the acid probably could cause it, but you should go to the doctor anyway. First, even if you tell your doctor that you purge, s/he can't make you do anything and you have confidentiality (unless you're a minor maybe), Second, if you really, really don't want to tell them (which you should so you can get your electrolytes checked and stuff like that) you can tell him or her that you were sick for a few days with the stomach flu.
When I used to do this I would get really chapped lips and red where like my smile lines are from stretching my mouth open and sometimes the stuff touching my lips and the acidity drying them out. I am sure this is all that it is.

Deleted comment

If you threw up rather violently, it could be burst blood vessels under the skin? Are they like tiny little pink/purple pin pricks? I used to get this a lot when I was pregnant and violently sick all the time.