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this is an odd question..

iam 18 and ive been anorexic/bulimic for about 2 years now and I havent had my period for over a year..that being said, i havent had sex in over a year..i am 5'4 and 85 lbs. The last time i got my period i weighed 103 lbs and was 5'4 also. I have gained the weight once before, just to relapse and lose it all again. Now i am 85 lbs and feeling unnatractive because i dont get my period, dont have boobs and whatever else. I met this guy i really like and want to be involved with him, but at the weight i am now i feel like i cant really be taken seriously as an object of sexuality because I dont have my period..iam afraid to become involved because of this..I want to gain the weight back, just to have sex with this guy..is this crazy?? Has anyone been through anything similar??

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