Reckless Kelly (shiningstar55) wrote in ed_medfacts,
Reckless Kelly

I'm currently 4 weeks into a partial-hospital recovery program (12 hours a day, 5 days a week) for my anorexia.  Since the first week, EVERYTHING between my waist and neck has been in constant pain.  It feels like that whole area is one big bruise.  Imagine that you've never done a sit-up in your life, and one day you decide to do 1,000 of them- that's what it feels like, but in my stomach, back, and arms.  I haven't exercised since day 1 of the program, so there's nothing that would have made sense with that.  My doctor said it's probably just anxiety, but I don't know... I've been anxious for 21 years and have NEVER felt like this before.  Anyone relate?  Anyone have any clue what's going on with me?  BTW, I'm a 21-year-old female who's had anorexia since I was about 14, but I had a psuedo-recovery for a few years and recently relapsed badly enough to need this partial-hospital-program I'm doing now. 
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