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Question about passing illness onto child.


A little history for the question:
I've been Bulimic for 8 years now. During that time, I was pregnant and DID b/p all the way through the pregnancy. When my daughter was born, she had a very low heart rate and a hearing loss. The hearing loss "fixed" itself. She still has small issues with hearing but nothing like it was. A year ago, she was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger syndrome, OCD and other behavioral issues. She is just now starting to eat regularly (for a very long time she was very underweight) and it seems the medication she's on is helping her.

My question is:
Did my ED harm her so much that it's caused all these issues with her? I've tried asking her doctor and mine, but they just waved me off. I REALLY want to know.

Thank you!
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not exactly an expert, but from what i know i'd say it's quite likely her heart/hearing/underweight issues are all related to your bulimia. particularly if you continued your behaviors while breast feeding, as you'd have been starving her along with yourself.
I couldn't breast feed. My body refused to produce any milk.

Her heart and hearing are better, but I'm still scared that I've done serious damage to her body down the road (know what I mean?).

She almost at a normal weight for her age and height now, thank goodness. I'm 5'9 and she already comes up to my chest (and she's only 6), so I don't know if that just made her look even more under weight then she was.
I had a therapist who was bulimic for some time (before she was working with patients!) including when she was pregnant. Her son has learning disabilities, and I believe was born with some issues. Her second child was healthy, aside from allergies/asthma. I know another woman who was bulimic while pregnant, and her son was born with some serious heart issues. It's likely that a lot of her problems are due to your ED, but probably not ALL of them. Either way, the doctors are probably waving you off because there is no way to be sure and whether it did or didn't doesn't make much of a difference now. Whichever way of thinking enables you to cope better and move forward and help your daughter best is the way to go.
Of course that kind of stress on your body had a hand in it. Babies in utero kind of need nutrients, and purging doesn't deliver nutrients very well.
I have heard that since pregnant women throw up allll the time, bulimia alone shouldn't particularly affect the baby. Assuming you were getting appropriate calories etc, I don't think purging alone will have harmed her.
Pregnant women usually only get morning sickness through the first trimester, after that, they tend to eat a good amount and keep it down completely - of course there will be exceptions to this, but even so, they don't b/p which has a different effect on the body. Given that the b/p continued throughout pregnancy, I don't think the baby could possibly have got the nutrients needed for proper brain development and this is what led to the conditions she was born with. The behavioural issues are probably due to the poor feeding in utero too - but these can't be seen until the child gets to a certain age so are only coming up now.