an·o·mie (vinyl__) wrote in ed_medfacts,

i've been having all my regular PMS symptoms (i'm bloated as all hell, retaining water, having the usual cravings, etc) and a few days ago i thought it had started, but only a tiiiiny bit and then it stopped. since then every other day or so a little bit will... er, come out, but not much. it also happens after i've been running, which i do every day.

so... i don't know. it's so odd. my bmi is 16.5 so i know that it could be my low body mass, but i mean, does all that still happen if it's amenorrhea? i kind of thought it just stopped all together, which would include the symptoms of pms?

and just to clarify, yes, i suppose it's technically possible that i'm pregnant (though all those symptoms still don't make sense), but i've been on birth control for 2 1/2 years and we also use condoms 99% of the time.

i'm seriously stressed out about this. help?
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