seyval (seyval) wrote in ed_medfacts,

Electrolyte crisis

(Cross-posted to Purgatorium).  Okay, so I was hospitalized for three days over this past weekend because of electrolyte issues (mainly because of super-low Phosphorus, and potassium that was too high because of overcorrection by supplements - and evidently NOT purging made this worse...)  Anyway, I got completely stabilized in the hospital and was released Sunday, but the next day my doctor ordered labs and though my potassium was on the high end of normal, my phosphorus was already low again!  I had purged a few times, and told the doctor this, but she said the phosphorus issue was "refeeding syndrome" which I find fairly ridiculous because in the day after the hospital, I was not keeping in any more than usual.  She said I might have to go back to the hospital if my labs tomorrow don't improve.  It was hell in there with the IV, cardiac monitor and blood draws every 4 hours.  I can't do that again!  Help!  I know of no way to supplement Phosphorus on my own (potassium is easy to self-supplement, i.e., low-sodium V8, etc.)  Has anyone had phosphorus problems, or understand electrolyte metabolism enough to advise me??  I am at a loss and really alarmed at this point.  In my 20 years of being bulimic, I have not had this degree of medical instability, and my weight right now is nowhere near my lowest.  What the hell is going on here?? HELP!
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