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[29 Apr 2010|04:07pm]
I'm normally a binger, but I've been restricting heavily the past two weeks. I noticed that I've been peeing a ton. I would go pee, and then twenty minutes later, I'm about to piss my pants again.

I don't think I'm drinking any more water than usual. And wouldn't I actually be more dehydrated right now? I watched a video on Youtube about an anoretic who had been fasting for a while, and ended up with severe dehydration. She said that even though she drank eight glasses of water everyday day, her doctor said it was because most of the liquid in our diet comes from food.

So what's up with me? Also, my urine is a pale color, so I know I'm dehydrated.
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[16 Sep 2009|12:02am]

I'm currently 4 weeks into a partial-hospital recovery program (12 hours a day, 5 days a week) for my anorexia.  Since the first week, EVERYTHING between my waist and neck has been in constant pain.  It feels like that whole area is one big bruise.  Imagine that you've never done a sit-up in your life, and one day you decide to do 1,000 of them- that's what it feels like, but in my stomach, back, and arms.  I haven't exercised since day 1 of the program, so there's nothing that would have made sense with that.  My doctor said it's probably just anxiety, but I don't know... I've been anxious for 21 years and have NEVER felt like this before.  Anyone relate?  Anyone have any clue what's going on with me?  BTW, I'm a 21-year-old female who's had anorexia since I was about 14, but I had a psuedo-recovery for a few years and recently relapsed badly enough to need this partial-hospital-program I'm doing now. 
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[09 Nov 2009|10:08pm]

Could someone please tell me what a "borderline" EKG is?

the borderline between what and what?
normal and abnormal???

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ketosis [27 Aug 2009|01:06pm]

Could someone please clarify this for me..........

Okay...so I've been struggling with my ED and was curious to see if I am in ketosis. This morning, I tested my urine and discovered that I have moderate traces.

I was told in treatment that this is BAD.
However, I've been googling around the internets and people are saying that it's not dangerous. It is actually what Atkins dieters strive for...to go into ketosis...so they're bodies feed off of their own fat. But unlike normal dieters I am not getting enough protein so wouldn't my body also be eating it's own muscle like around my heart? If so, most surely that is bad.
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Question about passing illness onto child. [08 May 2009|10:20pm]

[ mood | curious ]


A little history for the question:
I've been Bulimic for 8 years now. During that time, I was pregnant and DID b/p all the way through the pregnancy. When my daughter was born, she had a very low heart rate and a hearing loss. The hearing loss "fixed" itself. She still has small issues with hearing but nothing like it was. A year ago, she was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger syndrome, OCD and other behavioral issues. She is just now starting to eat regularly (for a very long time she was very underweight) and it seems the medication she's on is helping her.

My question is:
Did my ED harm her so much that it's caused all these issues with her? I've tried asking her doctor and mine, but they just waved me off. I REALLY want to know.

Thank you!

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[20 Mar 2009|04:33pm]

This could be a very odd question, but here goes anyway:
Last night I experienced an "aura"- or if you want to be specific, a scintillating scotoma.  It was this weird, vibrating jagged ring of color in my visual field that wouldn't go away when I rubbed my eyes or stopped using the computer.  Some Google-ing told me this was what it was, and that it normally accompanies either a migraine or a seizure.  I've never had either for any reason.  It's been 18 hours and I still haven't had either.  It went away on its own after about an hour, during which I couldn't see very well because of the damn thing.
What I'm wondering is, is this somehow related to anorexia?  I've had a relapse recently and currently have a very low BMI. 
If anyone could lend some insight in either direction, I'd appreciate it!
Thanks guys:)  I wish there wasn't a need for any community like this, but I do appreciate you all. 
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Affect of eating disorders on Immune System? [13 Jan 2009|10:47am]

I know eating disorders, and particularly starvation, can affect a person's immune system, but I wondering if any medically-minded people could tell me in what way, and what the symptoms might be. Mainly because I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, and it's hard for me to tell which symptoms are a normal/expected consequence of my unhealthy lifestyles, and which ones actually require my Dr's attention. I've been diagnosed with AN for 5 years, my weights varied from very low to almost normal and is currently stable(ish) at BMI~15.

'Weaken immune' system is usuallly given as a side effect of anorexia, and I know a lot of people report having lots of minor infections which I assume is due to this. I've always said I was lucky to have a strong immune system as I hardly ever catch colds, flus etc. However it's hard for me to say whether I'm ill as I feel pretty rundown/sick most of the time, so I only notice symptons like runny nose, sore throats etc. What's got me wondering is that on the couple of occasions when I have caught a infection that's going round, I tend to get the same symptoms as every one else, but over a much shorter time span- whereas they might me sick for a week, and spend a couple of days with aches, then a sore, then a cough, I will get through the whole thing in a couple of days, with each symptom lasting a couple of hours, and be back to 'normal' a lot quicker. To me this says overactive immune system, but also suggests I spend too much time monitoring and worrying about my health, and try to 'diagnose' things that I don't even know exist.

I guess this raise a more general point about how hard I find to judge what 'good health' is, and when something is severe enough to warrant a doctor's attention. If I told them about every niggling worry they'd be seeing me every day, and I don't want them to mark me down as a hypochondriac/attention seeker, in case they stop listening, or don't take me seriously when I ask for help.
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[22 Dec 2008|01:38am]

A few of my fingernails a while ago where chipping almost breaking apart, like it was shedding, in the center only. sometimes this happens at the top of my nails because i used to bite my nails, but i have not in a long time and this was in the middle on more than one nail on each hand. I had not been eating at all for a couple of days, and was wondering if this process repeated led to the nail thing. They have been better recently but are really flimsy.
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[09 Dec 2008|08:29pm]


so two questions, i have anorexia.. iv'e been fasting for 12 days now,

i drink water and tea,

what causes bloating.. like why does it happen.

and my nails are deep blue, should i be concerned?

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Back Ache. [04 Sep 2008|04:18pm]

I have a query about back aches and pains and if has any assosiation with AN.

I have suffered from back pain since my early teens, but during periods where my body fat has been below 14% it's been more frequent and intense. Particularly on sitting down for prolonged periods of time, more so on hard surfaces. The exact area of the pain varies and can be anywhere from around my upper back and shoulder area, to the very base of my spine.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with lower levels of body fat, since the coccyx houses quite a number of nerve endings.

Does anyone else experience this?
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X Posted: Boston Meet UP [11 Aug 2008|08:51am]
Hey Everyone! 

The official date for the coffee House is this Wednesday at 7:30 PM on Boston Common (if it's raining we will duck into a coffee shop or someplace cozy).

Come one, come all, bring your friends.

 Talking about body image, food anxiety and general insecurities. 
We will discuss body positivism and good ways to cope with anxiety.

It will be very relaxed, very anonymous and very fun.  Everyone is welcome, this is not just for people who have eating disorders.  It will be useful to help prepare for Love your Body Week and/or NEDAW!

 I can't wait to meet you and I hope to see you there! 

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ED's and Low TSH [19 Jun 2008|10:59pm]

I'm in residential treatment for my ED, and I found out today that my lab results showed I have low thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). I did some googling, trying to find out if it's related to my ED, and I found several papers about the effects of ED's on thyroid function--but they're all in databases you have to have a subscription to. Can anyone link me to some free, accessible information and/or explain to me what the link is?
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Fast heart rate? [11 Jun 2008|12:19am]

what are the causes of a rapid heart rate?

it usually slows down with anorexia right?

my doctor said mine is really fast
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[20 May 2008|12:38pm]

question about my periodCollapse )

i'm seriously stressed out about this. help?
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laxatives & lower back pain [08 May 2008|01:37pm]

[ mood | sore ]

I've been having some consistent and worsening lower back pain (right at the base of my spine, where it meets the tailbone) since yesterday early-afternoon--just over 24 hours, but that's still a long time for it to hurt nonstop. I'm having difficulties with exercise abuse (specifically, the elliptical, and the way I hold myself could be causing the pain, but I'm not sure), and also laxative abuse. I'm wondering if either, or both, could be causing/contributing to the pain.

Also, I'm currently trying to taper myself off of the laxatives, which I've become dependent upon the past in the past four weeks. Could that help make the lower back pain go away, if it's caused by the laxatives?



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Weird Question [21 Mar 2008|10:08am]


I'm an undiagnosed bulimic and this may sound weird but...can throwing up cause a rash around your mouth? Sorry if this is too graphic but I threw up and the next day I got this strange rash on the top of my mouth that looked like a faint moustache or something.

...I'm not sure if it's because of me throwing up my food or because as my mum says I'm iron deficient or something. I'm really confused and terrified to go to a doctor to look at it because I'm worried they will find out about my purging. 

Has anyone else had this? Have any idea? Thanks so much <3

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[11 Jan 2008|12:55pm]
I've very recently been diagnosed with anorexia and am in the process of recovery. I've gained 25 lbs in 3 months which I feel like is quite a lot and my period hasn't come back. 
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Electrolyte crisis [31 Oct 2007|12:38pm]

(Cross-posted to Purgatorium).  Okay, so I was hospitalized for three days over this past weekend because of electrolyte issues (mainly because of super-low Phosphorus, and potassium that was too high because of overcorrection by supplements - and evidently NOT purging made this worse...)  Anyway, I got completely stabilized in the hospital and was released Sunday, but the next day my doctor ordered labs and though my potassium was on the high end of normal, my phosphorus was already low again!  I had purged a few times, and told the doctor this, but she said the phosphorus issue was "refeeding syndrome" which I find fairly ridiculous because in the day after the hospital, I was not keeping in any more than usual.  She said I might have to go back to the hospital if my labs tomorrow don't improve.  It was hell in there with the IV, cardiac monitor and blood draws every 4 hours.  I can't do that again!  Help!  I know of no way to supplement Phosphorus on my own (potassium is easy to self-supplement, i.e., low-sodium V8, etc.)  Has anyone had phosphorus problems, or understand electrolyte metabolism enough to advise me??  I am at a loss and really alarmed at this point.  In my 20 years of being bulimic, I have not had this degree of medical instability, and my weight right now is nowhere near my lowest.  What the hell is going on here?? HELP!
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[03 Oct 2007|11:37am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Alright, so here's my question:

voilaCollapse )

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Menometrorragia?? [26 Aug 2007|02:19pm]

Hello all.

I've been a member for a while, but it's my first post here.

Okay, so I'm recovered from Anorexia Nervosa type II  (binge and purge). I had lost my period for about 6 or 7 months, and I got it back in January. It was very irregular (and too frequent), but I figured that it was because it was just comming back and that my body would adjust. However, we're almost in September and I still get my period every two weeks. 

Do you guys think that I could have "saturated" my organism permanently?

Thanks for your help.
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